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Developing the capabilities of your people to accelerate the plan.

Why do you need Training Hub?

In today’s world, there is a constant tension between work life balance and what is more commonly known as ‘work life blend’. Technology and new ways of working mean we are constantly switched on and the historical 9 till 5 is in many cases not even a memory, but something never experienced. The changing world has also brought about a shift in how people like to learn.

Firstly, people today are more eager than ever before to learn.  However that learning has to fit in and around their busy lives, in a way that works with their lifestyle rather than against it.  This is where Training Hub™ comes in, developing learning journeys that allow people to develop over a period of time and through taking bite size pieces of inspiration when they need it most. Using a variety of different methods, Training Hub™’s programmes build capability in a way that focuses on what’s relevant for delegate and aligned to what their organisation needs.  By making everything work & life compatible, the impact and ROI is significantly improved, as is the engagement created.

Build capability
Maximise engagement
Improve business performance
Generate incremental returns
Retain talent
Boost your Employer Brand


What is Training Hub?
Leadership Excellence
Commercial Excellence
Operational Excellence

Training Hub™ co-creates high impact learning programmes centred around the real world.  The bespoke learning journeys are built from the ground up, are utterly unique to you and your business. Leveraging live learning, where your team are developed at the same time as carrying out their day job.

Whether it’s developing people within sales, marketing and operations, or developing your leadership and management capabilities to make it all work, a combination of in-person and digital learning makes it all come together in a seamless learning journey. From 10 people up to 1000 people, we’ve designed and delivered it. We can also design programmes for your internal training teams, meaning they can take the DIY option and use our analytics and assessments along the way to track performance and work out ROI.

Working with our expert team is an experience in itself.  The level of positive feedback about ‘our style’ and impact is blush-worthy, but is something we’re proud of. Hard to put into words, it’s an experience and a feeling of true engagement with the process. One that people don’t forget.

We use industry-leading diagnostics and assessments to understand where we can help the most.

We create an internal team to help shape your programme. Our ‘share, tear, repair’ model ensures that your programme is 100% right and feels relevant to you.

We have a group of expert trainers who have worked all over the world, training with some of the biggest names in business. Our ‘style’ of training is well known and often the thing we hear about most in our feedback surveys.

We can also provide a bespoke coaching and mentoring programme, typically for leaders and executives this is a personal and directed learning experience. We challenge, we support and we push for change in everybody we coach.

We train people all over the globe in-person, but we also provide virtual learning programmes, and both are supported by a bespoke Learning Management System (LMS) to each client. This is a virtual hub that can be utilised for your team and/or your customers.

How does it work?

Training Hub™ is essentially a programme of learning and development for your people. Each programme is bespoke and co-created with our clients, so each one is different. They always start with a strategic approach, building on the People Plan™, identifying the goals of the business and the outcomes you want the training to achieve.

Then we carry out detailed insight work for the business and its customers, using a set of diagnostics and assessments. These are translated into ‘people needs’ that create the basis of the programme.

Each programme is different, but they typically include a series of learning sessions for your team spread over a number of months, or even years. They range from 2 hour sessions up to 3 day courses, dependant on the need. We run courses with boards, leaders, management teams, breakout teams, whole teams or individuals who need personal coaching. At every stage we monitor the training using a series of surveys, both quantitative and qualitative, to check you are getting the results you want.

Step 1

A diagnostic and assessment led step to identify and prioritise development areas of most importance.

Step 2

A series of activites that proactively bring you into the development process, adding the cultural nuances to our ideas creating your own bespoke programme.

Step 3

A blended programme of activites including face to face, virtual, directed and self-managed learning, ensuring learning happens in the work place… “Live”

Step 4

Linking back to the Insight step, careful tracking of input and output success measures helps us maximise impact, refine the programme and therefore optimise ROI.
Who is it for?

We work with medium to large sized companies, such as Red Bull, Compass/Google, AB Inbev and Advantage Smollan. Our Training Hub approach is designed to scale up or down, and our blended learning approach means all our diagnostic tools are available globally. Whether your workforce is 100 or 10,000 employees, we can help develop the capabilities of your people to accelerate the people plan.

We develop…

  • Founders
  • C-Suite Boards
  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Business Units
  • Teams
  • Individuals

Peoplehub team have been helping develop our people and capability strategy for over 3 years now and have been instrumental in challenging our thinking, taking us outside our comfort zone and driving real change within our business.

Managing DirectorAdvantage Smollan Group

People Hub listened and then took time to understand what I was trying to achieve, they understood the politics and internal challenges that I was facing and worked with me to overcome them both up the line and down the line too.

Sales DirectorCompass Group UK & I

On a personal level I value People Hub’s insight, challenge , pragmatism and support hugely....and the energy and fun that comes with working with People Hub!

HR DirectorBibendum PLB

A key point of difference is how they always take time to understand the culture and philosophies of Red Bull so what they deliver is bespoke and feels like it could have been created by Red Bull itself.

HR Area ManagerRed Bull Western Europe
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Developing the capabilities of your people to accelerate the plan.
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