Us Hubbers are a lucky bunch. We get up every day and do the job we love.


Instead of losing ourselves in the rat-race, we operate outside it. Instead of being just another cog in the wheel, we take a step back so we can tinker and fine tune the whole machine.

The dreaded morning blues are a very rare thing for us Hubbers (only occasionally surfacing when admin is involved…). We love Mondays! And when we love what we do, our clients love to work with us too. It’s a win win.


Although it’s easy to lose ourselves in what we love, everyone and every business has to take time to breathe. Practice the pause. There is power in the pause and taking a break can lead to a breakthrough. For us, this was the silver lining of covid-19. Instead of being walking ‘To-Do-Lists’, we were given the gift of time. Time to do things in a more considered way. Time to think about the big picture without everyday tasks clouding our vision. Time to realise that who we were and what we did had become blurred… we had just become turning cogs in a wheel, heading in no particular direction.

You can bet we’re not the only business to suffer from this loss of focus, this loss of purpose, this loss of identity. But the important thing is that we realised this and made a change. We turned the break that covid-19 provided into a breakthrough – a breakthrough new brand and proposition. Enter… the new People Hub.

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