Change is hard, but ironically, it’s the only thing that’ll always be the same – difficult and unavoidable. It’s no exception when it comes to business.  
From massive global corporate businesses and small management consultancies, to going solo and setting up a business from scratch – my professional career has been about constantly adapting. And it’s hard… the uncertainty, the pressure and the stress can be overwhelming. It can lead you to fight, flight, freeze or fold entirely! And that’s not what you want. I found myself doing weird things, being down-right grumpy one minute – then overly happy the next. Being super social or simply locking myself away for days.

So, why does it happen? 
Well, the first thing our neuroscience guru taught us Hubbers, is that it’s normal, it’s human and it’s driven by our natural reaction to protect ourselves and survive. Put simply – no one finds change easy. Us humans don’t like it. But what’s more interesting is that part of being human is that we’re all unique, we’re all individuals. This means we all react differently to change. A single change programme may impact everyone in the business differently, which makes it very tough for businesses to plan, prepare and implement change. And that’s where the experts come in…

…enter Change Hub!

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