Change Hub™

Preparing and enabling your people for change.

Why do you need Change Hub?

Change Hub™ is our first ‘hub’ of activity once you have your People Plan™. The biggest cause of change failure is the inability to get people to make it happen. A far-reaching business plan without the emotional and mental buy-in from your people, is doomed to failure.

Using our proprietary model – The HUBA™ Process, we prepare your people for change and disruption, then we help you support them through it.  It’s about paving the way for new ideas and new challenges, and then proactively putting people focused solutions in place to account for the undeniable stresses and pressures that come from organisational change.

Your people will be delivering your plan day-in, day-out. They need to feel a part of the change, whole-heartedly.


What is Change Hub?

Change Hub™ is our neuroscience based solution for successful change. A series of assessments and diagnostics on your business and its people, followed by a bespoke programme of coaching, mentoring and training.

By assessing people’s attitude to change, their levels of adaptability and their growth mindset, we can help spot up front where change is more likely to fail and through our change programmes put solutions in place to ensure things don’t fail.

If the People Plan™ is classed as the roadmap of the journey, then Change Hub™ is the key so everyone is up-to-speed, ready, willing and able to go on the journey with you.

The HUBA Process

Unless people Hear, Understand and Believe your message, they won’t want to Act on it effectively.

The HUBA Process is a programme of activities that enables change to happen through people, and includes the creation of your very own Change Team.

Help people “HEAR” the right messages from an organisational level to individual level… avoid the Chinese whispers that can lead to confusion and uncertainty.

A series of activites to help people “UNDERSTAND” the right messages by interpreting them not just from an organisational level but more importantly at a personal level.

An ongoing programme to help people “BELIEVE” the right messages intellectually, empoweringly and emotionally.

A plan to enable and help people “ACT” on the right messages from an individual perspective, that collectively supports the organisational needs.

How does it work?

Step 1
Using our proprietary diagnostics we understand & align on the scale of the change being planned.  More importantly we understand and share the readiness of both the business and its people to go through the proposed change.
Step 2
We help you select the right HUBA™ Team, then together we develop your HUBA™ Plan.  An insight based programme, inspired by neuroscience to get your people and business ready to change
Step 3
Step by step we help you take your people and teams on the change journey using your HUBA™ Plan.  Combined with a communication programme your people are engaged and kept connected to the change that’s happening.
Step 4
We track progress, predict new barriers and implement un-blockers to keep people and change on track.
Who is it for?

We work with medium to large sized companies, such as Red Bull, Compass/Google, Diageo and Advantage Smollen. Our Change Hub approach is designed to scale up or down, and our digital-first approach means all our diagnostic tools are available globally. Whether your workforce is 100 or 10,000 employees, we can help prepare your people for disruption and change.

Business impacted by and dealing with…

  • Political Change
  • Legal Developments
  • Globalisation
  • Environmental Policies
  • Technology advances
  • Social & Demographic Developments
  • Economic Changes
  • Competitor Pressure
  • Shareholder Demands

Peoplehub team have been helping develop our people and capability strategy for over 3 years now and have been instrumental in challenging our thinking, taking us outside our comfort zone and driving real change within our business.

Managing DirectorAdvantage Smollan Group

People Hub listened and then took time to understand what I was trying to achieve, they understood the politics and internal challenges that I was facing and worked with me to overcome them both up the line and down the line too.

Sales DirectorCompass Group UK & I

On a personal level I value People Hub’s insight, challenge , pragmatism and support hugely....and the energy and fun that comes with working with People Hub!

HR DirectorBibendum PLB

A key point of difference is how they always take time to understand the culture and philosophies of Red Bull so what they deliver is bespoke and feels like it could have been created by Red Bull itself.

HR Area ManagerRed Bull Western Europe
A game changing blueprint for commercial success.
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Preparing and enabling your people for change.
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Building the right team to deliver the plan.
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Developing the capabilities of your people to accelerate the plan.
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