The Catalyst

Our client is a B2B provider of cargo securing systems. It had a transformational strategy that required new capabilities, ways of working and mindset for what was a traditional Field Sales Force. With a desire to professionalise the business and move the commercial team from selling “products” to selling a “value proposition” the ONE Way Programme was developed and implemented across their global markets.

“What I liked about People Hub was their ability to work at both a strategic level with myself and the board, but also have an understanding of what happens on the ground.  They didn’t just train people, they helped change mindsets and enable transformation.”


The Solution

The ONE Way programme provided the Global Field Sales Team with the following to support the transformation

Customer Engagement Survey

A Customer Engagement Survey was conducted to help pin point Customer Led capabilities to build into the ONE Way programme

Sales Development Team

A Sales Development Team to act as co-creators, sponsors, coaches and local implementors of the ONE Way programme

Global ONE Way Operating Model

A Global ONE Way Operating Model to help “Find, Win then Launch” new business, while simultaneously “Developing and Managing” existing Customers more effectively

Sales Excellence Training Programme

A Sales Excellence Training Programme to build capability to succeed in the new ways of operating

Commercial Competency Framework

A Commercial Competency Framework for all sales levels including Sales Coaches to help assess capabilities and build ongoing development plans

Coaching Excellence Training Programme

A Coaching Excellence Training Programme to enable a step change in Manager capability to embed and coach the ONE Way Programme

Regional and local execution plans

Regional and local execution plans created with Market Manages to ensure the Global programme was tailored to support more local execution

Future Proof Outcomes

At the beginning of every programme the priority measures of success are selected.  These include both the output measures (e.g. business results) and the input measures (e.g. skills, behaviours, process improvements) to enable the business results.  For this client the strategy was to deliver some key outputs which were

  • top line sales growth,
  • development of strategic customers in the newly defined strategic sectors, and
  • a step change in bottom line through finding more profitable business and customers

All markets were asked to concisely report back on the core measures and People Hub worked with the Client to ensure all the elements of the ONE Way Programme were implemented, coached and embedded.  The results generated from combining The People Plan™ with the Business Plan led to the following results

  • Baseline business growth of 6% globally
  • +23% CAGR in the key strategic customer sector
  • Growth of high margin Customers by €8m over a 2 year period (vs 0 for the 2 years before)