The Catalyst

The newly appointed CEO of the client started to work on a new strategy for transforming the business into a brand led organisation based on building a new values based culture, with high levels of technical capability in supply chain, commercial and support functions. To make this happen we needed to develop leaders for the future to bring the strategy to life and deliver the results required to grow the business.

“The way People Hub worked with us to understand our challenges and the solutions we needed was excellent.  The experience the team had in from their previous roles was evident in the solution we co-created and the outcomes we got from the programme.  A great end to end experience”.


The Solution

To enable the delivery of the strategy we co-created a leadership programme to integrate the internal processes and cultural drivers with the leadership expertise required. To land and embed some of the key deliverables we also created 3 strategic projects to drive business excellence.

The programme we created it consisted of 5 key elements:

Leadership Workshops

Leadership workshops to build capability in our people to drive change, inspire others, create and deploy strategic initiatives and build high performing teams

Management Workshops

Management workshops to build technical capability in continuous improvement techniques, performance management skills, policy deployment and goal achievement

Strategic Projects

The delivery of strategic projects to drive tangible change and improve business performance

Coaching Support

Coaching support to build confidence and capability whilst delivering results through the programme

Developing Culture

Developing the culture based on embedding the re-engineered values and competencies that will drive positive change and business growth

Future Proof Outcomes

Due to Covid the programme is about 50% complete but we are seeing tangible results through the delivery of this integrated programme. The business is stronger and has the foundations for new growth and sustained changed. We have been flexible and pragmatic in our approach and have made a tangible impact in the business. We created ‘real world’ solutions that can be embedded into the way the business will work in the future.

  •  ‘Real world’ solutions for the future
  • Foundations for new growth
  • Flexible and pragmatic approach