The Catalyst

The client contract was expanding globally at a rate that the client could not initially match. The client’s contract had a number of potential supplier partners to assess and our client needed to step change the way it identified the talent to deliver the contractual requirements and grow the contract in line with envisaged expansion rates. Failure to make the change would result in the loss or reduction of the contract.

We worked with People Hub to establish our global talent management process across 26 countries in one of our premium contracts.  Our challenge was to ensure we had enough great people working for us to support the significant growth plans of our client.  Resulting from the work we completed  our recruitment effectiveness, ability to develop talent and people leadership improved significantly.  The contract continues to grow and our client has complete trust in our ability to grow and retain our talented people”. 

Global HRD

The Solution

The client’s contract was operating in 26 different markets with further growth planned. We conducted an insights piece of work to understand how the client operated and what the current and future needs would be. We assessed the current internal capability to deliver the needs of the contract and created a plan to deliver the solutions required. The plan consisted of the following solutions:

Talent Strategy

To develop a talent strategy for each market to understand the future resource and capability requirements for each region the contract operated in

Talent Acquisition

An improved talent acquisition process to ensure we attracted, retained and developed the right talent. We focused on a number of specific roles that were critical to each markets’ success

Leadership Development Programmes

Leadership development programmes to build a cohort of leaders for the future and strengthen the succession plan

Functional Capability Programmes

Functional capability programmes to ensure the key skills and competencies to operate in each market were present

Future Proof Outcomes

The talent strategy was piloted in 3 markets and after proof of concept was rolled out across all markets. The HR team supporting the contract were upskilled and the talent process embedded. The talent strategy was systemized via the in-house Success Factors solution to enable visibility and improved talent decision making globally.

Talent acquisition and development improved significantly. The retention of new employees increased by 25% and time to hire was improved by 10 days. Client feedback regarding the capability levels of employees was excellent which ultimately led to securing the contract for longer in more regions. The overall contract grew by £200m over the next 2 years and the overall average duration by an additional 3 years.

  • Talent acquisition and development improved significantly.
  • Retention of new employees increased by 25%
  • Overall contract grew by £200m over the next 2 years