We are People Hub. Nice to meet you.
As you can imagine, we are people specialists.

We work with organisations to create a People Plan™, a robust and company-wide strategy that focuses on your greatest chance for commercial success – your people. We often find our clients have detailed business plans, but completely lack a people plan.

We’ve worked with some of the largest companies in the world, providing insight, strategy, recruitment and training to thousands of people. And we love it when a plan comes together.

Meet the people behind the people plan

Nigel Shackleton


The person behind Peoplehub.

Nigel graduated with a food engineering and business degree. Not your typical combo – but that just about sums him up… finding connections between unlikely things, no matter how weird, gives him a buzz.

His odd choice of degree allowed him to join MARS, where he worked in R&D, project management, manufacturing and then into international commercial roles.
It was at MARS where he found his real passion: people. He soon made the jump from being a corporate chap to being a management consultant – aka a people person.

He went on to design and develop commercial learning programmes around the world. Nigel got inspired by seeing the impact of combining the right people to the right business strategy. Ideas started to take shape… and peoplesmart was born.

His own business, built on his own ideas but with the focus on building capability in others. As it grew, so did the number of ideas and the amount of time Nigel was away from home… until his better half presented him with the 3 Ds… “do something Different or you’ll end up Dead or Divorced!” So, he opted for something Different – Peoplehub.

15 years later, Peoplehub is thriving. Today it focuses on the key areas that make a business a success – the people. It’s gone from a one-man-band to an amazing team of people, with differing backgrounds and skills working across multiple sectors, and around the world – all with the aim of getting the best out of people.

To sum Nigel up, his friends, colleagues and clients would describe him as driven, dedicated, caring and genuine… amongst other things which can’t be repeated…

Rob Coxon


Rob is a people person through and through.

He loves nothing more than motivating, inspiring and pushing people to reach their full potential - giving them that extra little “oomph” to succeed.

He believes success comes from the ground up. First, you need to work with the people on the frontline - they are the foundation of success. Once you get that right, you’re onto a winner.

His journey started (randomly) with a Degree in Chemistry, before he found his real passion – people. Now he has over 20 years’ experience in HR and Organisational Design and Development - providing insight, strategy, recruitment and training to thousands of teams.

Throughout his career, he’s established many development frameworks and career ladders – turning talent into tangible success. To put it simply, he gets people, teams and businesses thriving – and loves it.

He makes complex simple.
He makes ordinary extraordinary.
He makes people prosper.

Outside of People Hub, Rob is big on cricket and football… but for some reason the poor guy supports Sheffield Wednesday. Someone once told him looks like Rick Astley but with the football skills of Kevin De Bruyne (he wishes). On the weekends you’ll find him unwinding on a walk in the countryside with his family and dog.

Dominic Conway


Dominic can’t believe where the last 30 years have gone, but he sees that as a sign he’s thoroughly enjoyed his career. He spent the first 25 years in industry, working in commercial roles across businesses like McVities and Heineken, before joining Peoplehub.

Throughout his career he’s loved working with teams, people and making a different that is real. Seeing people learn, grow and work together give Dominic a buzz – it’s what gets him jumping out of bed each morning.

He believes many businesses fear change, but “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” Dominic is a master at motivating people to overcome these challenges. He’s a transformational toolkit at your disposal - helping people adapt and achieve. So far, he’s helped 1,500 people across 18 countries, and he loves it as much as ever.

Someone once likened him to Piers Brosnan. Not as James Bond mind you, but as the old guy in Mama Mia who can’t sing. But we think he’s got a touch of 007 class about him.

Tony Walton

Recruitment Director

No nonsense, straight-talking, ready and raring to go Tony.

Tony has over 25 years’ experience in Recruitment, HR Systems, Benefits and Training. But he’s not just your typical recruiter. Tony gets people onboard, but more importantly he gets the right people onboard. His talents lie in improving businesses’ attraction, handling and engagement of their future employees. Recruit the right attitude, then you can train the skill.

Tony hates corporate nonsense, instead he’s down-to-earth and gets to the nub of the issue quickly and efficiently. He is equally comfortable chatting to your CEO as he is recruiting a new driver for your fleet.

Tony’s Peoplehub career has taken him across the USA, Holland, Belgium, France, Croatia, Mexico and Brazil, where he’s helped over 200 people.

In his spare time, you’ll find him entertaining his kids or out on his bike… or sneakily nibbling on some chocolate (whenever his kids aren’t around!)

Kate Butler


Before joining the world of consultancy, Kate learned her trade at some of the largest drink brands in the world – Lucozade, Ribena and Red Bull. The experience really allowed her skills to soar, after all – Red Bull gives you wings.

Within all her roles, Kate discovered her two passions.
And building relationships.

Kate loves working with people, helping them become the best version of themselves. She builds programmes which genuinely fit client’s unique needs, helping them upskill themselves and achieve real behaviour changes across the organisation. Some of the many clients she’s helped include; ASOS, Asahi, Stella McCartney, Global Radio and C.Hoare&co Bank. It’s safe to say, she has an impressive track record.

Kate’s second passion is building relationships, fuelled by her life’s mantra: “to be kind and listen” – something she strives to live by every day.

She believes everyone has potential and is a fan of the famous Einstein quote - “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Andy Wright


Andy is a ball of energy and the epitome of curiosity.

He’s always been driven by the fear of missing out, so he throws himself into absolutely everything. He’s a real adventurer in business, travelling the globe and working across 33 countries to date. But we’re sure there’s many more on his list!

He’s been around the business block, from working with global heavyweights like Procter & Gamble – right through to founding and advising start-ups. He has a vast array of experience, from addressing the International Federation of Coaches, to advising on a board of a $15 billion global business unit.

Andy is a man of action; his approach is always pragmatic and, in his own words, he loves ‘getting his hands dirty’. Helping people perform at their best is what gets Andy jumping out of bed each morning. He believes people are an organisation’s best asset. Developing their strengths makes the organisation stronger as a whole. They are the greatest opportunity open to organisations.

For him, the coolest person he’s met is John Pepper - Former CEO and Chairman of P&G, and Board Member of Disney. Andy was inspired by how smart, how humble, how personable and how he somehow remembered everyone’s name! A true legend in Andy’s eyes.

Rain Hitchman


Rain had precious little support from her teens into adulthood, gaining few qualifications. But a burning desire to work hard, improve her circumstances and succeed no matter what set her on the path to success. She’s been on a lifelong learning journey, discovering the keys to unlock people’s potential.

By overcoming stress and anxiety, she conquered her personal mission to become the best version of herself. Now her ambition is to encourage inspire and help others achieve, no matter their individual experience, circumstance, or limitation.

Over the last 30 years, Rain has had the privilege and pleasure of learning from some of the best mentors and thought leaders, whilst working for some of the greatest organisations in the UK. Her true passion lies in understanding leadership, employee engagement and the future of talent development.

For her, every day is a learning day. Taking this approach to life she has totted up many qualifications in Sales, Sales Leadership, Marketing, Applied Neuroscience and Psychology, Leadership, Coaching, Train the Trainer, Mental Toughness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and the continuous study of Positive Psychology (to name a few…). Simply put, she knows her stuff.

Her client list is no less impressive – including the likes of; IBM, BT, Orange (EE), Microsoft, Santander, Hiscock Insurance, Godiva Chocolates, SAS, Heineken, Nestle… the list goes on!

Outside of work she is a self-confessed petrol head. She used to compete in rallying and track racing and still competes in Hillclimb and Sprint car competitions. And if that doesn’t satisfy her need for speed enough – she also enjoys getting her Harley out on the road. It’s safe to say, Rain lives life in the fast lane.

James Clayton


James has spent most of his professional career in Learning and Development. He has extensive experience coaching Leaders, Managers and Senior Teams. He specialises in digging down and unearthing what people are really after, and then getting them there.

During his time as Head of Talent at Thorntons, James led a successful mission to transform the business by working with the Chief Executive and team to define their vision and roles in the organisation. He’s also previously been the Executive Development manager for Boots, bringing the top 140 employees together to form a cohesive, effective team that ticked. He worked closely with the 25 executives and directors, giving their teams that extra ‘something’ to improve performance. Great Place to Work scores also went up by 35%. Happy people, happy organisation – win win!

James has now been a consultant for over 5 years, working within many sectors. His focus is always on how to achieve your goals and inspire others.

When he’s not working, you’ll find him out in the wild. Walking, climbing, mountain biking, canoeing – he loves all things outdoorsy! For him, you can’t beat being out in nature. You’ll often find his family in tow, mostly willing, to embark on the adventures.

Allisyn James


Allisyn is one of our amazing associates. with over 25 years’ experience, she brings a wealth of industry knowledge and know-how to Peoplehub. From Norway to New Zealand, Denmark to Dubai - she’s worked across the world. Our very own business globetrotter.

Allisyn has held senior commercial positions in both the client and agency side of the industry – giving her a unique perspective. She’s worked with many industry giants – GSK, Unilever, Tesco, Cadbury Schweppes to name a few! So, it’s safe to say she’s a master of her trade.

People are what make Allisyn tick. She’s constantly fascinated by how they think, feel and behave, and loves harnessing people’s unique strengths to set them up for success. She’s passionate about people and the growth they can drive.

Her strong strategic skills, real tactical expertise and lateral thinking ability make her a one of the best in the people business. She loves nothing more than unleashing peoples’ full potential. Rigorous, sharp, diligent, driven and creative – Allisyn is a real all-rounder.

Her life motto is “Always be flexible – change is a given”.

Nigel Wordsworth


Nigel is our operations leadership expert. He has 30 years’ experience under his belt, with extensive expertise across many business sectors. Mining, precision engineering, home products, the drinks industry – he’s been in the thick of it all.

Nigel is all about operational excellence. He achieves it by developing culture and capability change programs that work. He’s delivered many momentous change management programmes - from new business start-ups and business acquisitions, to international expansions. He knows his stuff.

For Nigel, there’s nothing better than seeing a real positive change in mindset. Empowering teams and organisations to perform at their best.

When he’s not working, you’ll find him rummaging around antique shops and exploring art galleries… or crying about being a Sheffield United fan.

Bryan Easton


With over 30 years of marketing and advertising experience it is easy to see why Bryan is happiest when grappling with a strategic or communication challenge. The bigger and more difficult the challenge the better.

Throughout his career Bryan has been solving problems for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Coca-Cola, American Express, Microsoft and Nokia, to name a few. Being both tireless and restless it isn’t surprising that Bryan has sought out challenges in the four corners of the globe. He started his career in Canada as a Media Buyer before working his way around Asia as a Strategic Planner, Consumer Insights Manager and ultimately Managing Director of an international Advertising Agency. He then took on a global responsibility at Nokia for Sponsorship Marketing and Agency Management, before launching his own marketing Agency and settling in the UK with a focus on Western Europe businesses.

When he isn’t building communication plans or managing content creation you are likely to find Bryan out walking with his dogs, feeding his dogs, cleaning up after his dogs or sitting in a pub enjoying a cold pint and a good book… with his dogs.

Kate Fishwick


Kate gained her commercial wings working for Red Bull. After joining the company in the marketing department at university – Yes! she drove one of those famous Red Bull minis. She later moved into Category Marketing followed by sales. It was whilst managing a team in the sales department that Kate discovered her true passion in life – helping people develop & grow.

This lead Kate onto qualify as a CPCC – Certified Coach where she lives by the “3 P’s” - people, positivity & purpose. Focussing on helping people live authentically & discover their purpose.

Kate holds values of creativity, impact & positivity which mean she loves a challenge & is a firm believer that there is no problem that can’t be solved. She loves an adventure & is happiest next to the water… this is why she can often be found up in the lakes trying & (somewhat failing) at wakesurfing!

For over 6 years our team have trained over 3000 people from all over the world

Peoplehub team have been helping develop our people and capability strategy for over 3 years now and have been instrumental in challenging our thinking, taking us outside our comfort zone and driving real change within our business.

Managing DirectorAdvantage Smollan Group

People Hub listened and then took time to understand what I was trying to achieve, they understood the politics and internal challenges that I was facing and worked with me to overcome them both up the line and down the line too.

Sales DirectorCompass Group UK & I

On a personal level I value People Hub’s insight, challenge , pragmatism and support hugely....and the energy and fun that comes with working with People Hub!

HR DirectorBibendum PLB

A key point of difference is how they always take time to understand the culture and philosophies of Red Bull so what they deliver is bespoke and feels like it could have been created by Red Bull itself.

HR Area ManagerRed Bull Western Europe
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